What is MetaMask, and Its uses in Cryptocurrency?

MetaMask is a popular crypto wallet and a gateway for blockchain applications.

It is developed by ConsenSys Software Inc in 2016.

I mainly used as a platform to connect with the ethereum based cryptocurrencies by using the browser extensions and mobile app.

If you have a Ethereum wallet then this may be the best app for your wallet management.

It allows you to connect, access, store, and manage your accoounts and send and recieve crytocurrencies very easily.

It’s integrated service allows you to exchange Etherueum tokens in the decentralize exchange to find best exchange rates.

The popularoty of the platform can be measured by its large amount of user base as of Novenber 2021 it had 21 milion monthly active users.

Initialy, it was available as a desktop browser extension only but later it came with mobile app as well for both android and iOS.

MetaMask Available for Platforms

  • Mobile App
  • Web Browser Extension

Supporting Browser Extensions by the MetaMask

It supports all listed latest web browsers.

chrome browser extension for metamask
firefox browser extension for metamask
brave browser extension for metamask
metamask browser extensions

MetaMask Supporting Operating Systems

It is availabe for the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android

Where to download metamask?

You can use this official link to downlolad its browser extensions and mobile app as well. https://metamask.io/download/

Is MetaMask Free?

Yes, it is free but charges fee of 0.875% of the transection amount for its service.

You can download it for free but will have to pay while doing transections.

MetaMask GIT Repository

If you wish to contribute to the metamask community as a coder then you can follow this repository. You can also download it to your local computer for your own development.


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